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    Serenity Vibration Healing® (SVH) and ThetaHealing® Four-Level Belief Work

    Serenity Vibration Healing® and ThetaHealing® are Energy Healing modalities that instantly and permanently clears the Limiting Beliefs that hold you back in creating the life you dream of.
    Limiting beliefs can come in the form of:
    • Lack of abundance in your life
    • Being mired in struggle
    • Difficult relationships
    • Poor health
    • Addictive behaviors
    • Feeling stuck
    • And many more
    You can read more about Serenity Vibration Healing at: http://serenityvibrationhealing.com, and about ThetaHealing at http://bit.ly/1iPb9y1,

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    Karen Clothier

    Hi there, my name is Karen.
    For the first part of my life, I was a good girl.  I did all the things I thought I was supposed to do. I had a very successful career in technology, got married, made lots of money…all good, right? Trouble is, I was miserable. It all felt really dry and well, not me. But somehow the years kept going by, and I felt imprisoned in a life that was not mine. It felt impossible to change direction.

    So the Universe took control.
    And so started my Heroine’s Journey back to myself. The next eight years had many, many challenges including getting divorced, having 2 miscarriages and losing my house. And then I started peri-menopause! As hard as that was to swallow, it was during the hormonal rollercoaster that I really awakened to what I had left behind of myself while trying to please everyone else.
    I started from scratch rebuilding my life.  I found ThetaHealing® and Serenity Vibration Healing® (SVH) and started the work of clearing out the limiting beliefs that had held me back from living my dreams.
    And my life shifted profoundly...from the inside out.
    My journey took me from living in the San Francisco Bay Area to living in the South of France, exploring the Grail Mysteries and Sacred Union here in Europe.  In my mid-fifties, I am now living my best life - one with mystery, creativity, play, and adventure.  
    Art and Nature make my heart sing. A delicious meal too.
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    "When I sought Karen's support, I felt energetically stuck in my life. I had decided to make big changes, but fear and uncertainty were paralyzing me. After a few sessions, I was able to pinpoint what was going on and unravel a mystery that had kept me imprisoned most of my life. Who would have thought that I was still being controlled by past generations' trauma, an obstacle that she tells me gets in the way of many women. After an incredibly insightful energy healing session, I viscerally got in touch with a physical memory of pain and terror of being punished by death for the powers I had wielded in some remote incarnation. The reenactment of that trauma helped release the stuck energy and empowered me to take a leap of faith into the unknown that has transformed my life--and the life of many of my own clients--, in a powerful and expansive way. Karen's keen listening skills, her wise intuition and her magical healing approach created the safe space for me to reclaim my power and move on. I now repeat the mantra that was revealed to me in that session each time fear creeps in and stops me: “It’s safe for me to be powerful." Thank you, sister midwife Karen, for the rebirthing!"
    Sirena Pellarolo, Ph.D.
    Midlife Midwife and Holistic Healer
    "This work is so incredible! 
    I'm sure we'll uncover other things too, but thank you for going so, so, so
    deep with me. 
    I have been so supported by the Universe over the past several days in so many little lovely
    ways.  It makes me smile when She very gently shows me exactly what I need to solve the
    current dilemma and even better, She says to me, "Good work Wendy, you did it!!"
           Life is amazing. I feel so light after doing today's work with you.  Thanks a gazillion times.
    Huge hugs and respect"
    Wendy Wells
    "It’s a little challenging to be specific about my sessions with Karen.  Because of our time difference (she lives in Europe), I chose to work with her at 6 AM in the morning California time, often just after waking.  As a result, our sessions frequently took the form of lovely waking dreams.  That was quite conducive to some deep, almost subliminal progress, because I am normally a wide-awake overly intellectual sort.  Within minutes of our first phone appointment, I had accepted her process; more important, her insights and instincts about navigating my core issues were phenomenal.  After years of talk therapy and EMDR I felt stuck and frustrated, and this was an approach that went much deeper and yielded significant results.  I am grateful for Karen’s work with me, and so happy to know she is out there as my ally in life."
    Michael Kaplan
    "I am very thankful that Karen has empowered me to live my best life by teaching me the beautiful healing modality SVH.  Rather then seeking outside help, I am now an energy healer, certified as an SVH Level 1 practitioner.  Additionally, I love the ongoing support that Karen provides that is building my confidence to practice SVH on others.  I have learned a skill that not only helps myself, but can be used to heal others and start my own business."
    Deanna Hunt
    "I first encountered ThetaHealing® work when I moved to the East Bay and attended a Goddess Meet-up which I thought would be a good way to meet other interesting women in the area. While there I met a woman who did Theta Healing and I must admit that little voice in my head said, "Theta what?...SIGH...only in the Bay Area." And that is about all of the thought I gave it UNTIL Karen asked me if I would like to experience a session. Since Karen is a friend, and kindred spirit, I thought "what the heck" I will do it for her. HAH! 12 sessions later and lots of old beliefs behind me with more to uncover all I can say is WOW! This work is LIFE CHANGING! As an intuitive once said to me, "Lisa needs to take her big bag of beliefs and dump them on the carpet of life and decide which ones are working for her and get rid of the ones that aren't." That, in a nut shell, is what this work will do for you.

    BUT, and this is VERY important...WHO guides you is EVERYTHING! I now know why the woman I met years ago didn't speak to me...quite simply, she was NOT Karen! If anyone was clearly perfectly designed to do this work I would say it was Karen. She is kind and gentle yet pushes you at just the right moments. She is sensitive and caring and deeply feels your pain but doesn't get caught up in your "story". She has an uncanny ability to tease out the important words that get to the root cause of the belief and she does it with grace, ease, a sense of humor and all with that absolutely delightful accent that you can't quite pin (South African).

    Did I forget to mention that ThetaHealing® works? You know SHIFT is happening, when your friends say to you, "That is weird, I would have expected you to react to that." Ultimately that is what you will find for yourself. At some point you will realize that what normally would have triggered you just doesn't seem to carry the same charge anymore. Why you ask? Cause ACTIONS are based on BELIEFS and when you do the work to change the underlying belief your RE-action changes accordingly.

    I think the highest compliment one can give is a referral because it means you trust that the person (in my case my client) that you are referring will have a good experience with the practitioner you are recommending. I have referred MANY clients to Karen and will continue to do so. WHY? Cause she is THAT DAMN GOOD and cause SHIFT is happening!"

    Lisa Saslove, MS, RD


    “As someone who has devoted the bulk of my personal and professional life to alleviating the burdens of internalized conditioning, I was profoundly struck by the power, effectiveness, simplicity and subtlety of the ThetaHealing process. Karen Clothier, in addition to having a deeply intuitive grasp of the process itself, brings an unusual combination of compassion, insight, depth and wisdom to her work with clients.
    When I began working with Karen, I was longing to experience a deeper acceptance of — and vitality within — my body. With Karen’s gently holding, empathic acceptance and skillful guidance, I was able to delve beneath my habitual thought patterns and hone in on some of the deepest, oldest beliefs & assumptions that had been at the core of my inability to embrace and lovingly care for my physical self. (i.e. Beliefs about what it meant to be a loving and generous person, assumptions about the relational dangers of having a self, fears that my needs and feelings would hurt the people I loved.)
    Karen not only supported me in uncovering the core messages I’d internalized, but provided a safe space for me to actually feel their impact, release their hold, and replace them with much more life-affirming messages.
    During our sessions, I found myself increasingly able to express previously forbidden emotions and needs. I am absolutely sure that this was because of Karen’s keen understanding of the themes that so many of us highly sensitive caretakers (at midlife?) tend to grapple with, and her capacity to hold space for deep emotional processing.
    Since our sessions, I’ve noticed a growing gentleness towards my body and much greater freedom in my interactions with others. I am deeply grateful to Karen. She has my fullest recommendation as a Theta Healing Guide and all around Life Coach.”
    R.A., Berkeley

    “ThetaHealing with Karen was by far the most insightful, easy, safe and effective approach to shifting challenging and limiting beliefs that I have ever experienced. The main focus of my sessions was about having more ease and flow in my life and business.I was tired of feeling like I had to work so hard at everything. During my 3-Session Series with Karen my business turned the corner: I had an amazing turnout to a weekend program and also had new client sign-ups! Even months after my sessions, I continue to feel more ease and flow. I couldn’t recommend Karen more highly! She’s a true gem and walks her talk!”
    Naraya Stein, Berkeley, CA
    "I have been a healer, intuitive, and a Yoga instructor for 18 years. I have been trained and also practice many healing modalities. I feel like working with Karen and receiving her gifts through the Theta Healing has made an immediate impact on my life in all areas. As I speak, she uses her gifts to listen to the very root of what I am saying, she has a way of clearing and supporting big shifts in areas of my life that I have been stuck in even after many other healing sessions.
    I feel hopeful that Karen's healing work is going to support my business in really sky rocketing to that next big place, as well as finally be the catalyst for the release in conditioning patterns that have blocked me from fully expressing myself in relationship.
    I am so grateful to continue the Theta Healing Sessions with Karen as a part of my ongoing healing work, maintenance, and tool that I use to be in the world in a way that is beyond what I thought possible.
    My highest recommendations for Karen Clothier."
    Lisa Marie / Prema / ERYT, CST
    "Every time we worked together, I felt lighter and lighter. I could feel you working in my field as we went through the Theta Healing process but our last session was really intense. My heart chakra became more and more open and at times the energy leaving made my lungs hurt! Even a day later, I am still coughing a little bit as the energy continues to release.
    I feel lighter and have a much clearer awareness of what some of my root issues were and are. As I continue to clarify and work even more deeply into these issues, I will be back for your help in clearing them."
    Bettina Essert
    Shamanic High Priestess Blue Eagle Dreamer
    Facilitator of Healing Circles for Women and Girls at Four Oaks Sanctuary in Chesapeake, VA
    “Hi Karen,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to work with me on Tuesday, your energy, and you, are so supportive and such a positive influence. What we looked at, and transformed, about me was powerful for me. I knew that I had deep-seated beliefs about being unworthy and exploring this with you has been so helpful to me. My life has not yet transformed to the point where I have manifested many changes…it has just been a couple of days, Michele, give it time…..but I did have a dream while coming to on Wednesday morning that I am going to share. In this dream I was looking and looking for my keys and could not find them. The keys I was looking for looked like car keys, but they were the “keys” to me, to my life, that I was searching for. Turns out my 2 -3 year old self was holding the keys I needed. I went to her and asked her to give them to me telling her that she was holding them in error, that I was now an adult and was the rightful holder of these keys to “me”. She handed them over and I awoke. To me, this dream was a direct result of what you and I did on Tuesday afternoon.”
    Chele, Ohio

    “Karen, Wow. thank you, thank you, wonderful I have new hopes”


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